Graduate Certificate in Aquaculture

  • Who: Graduate students, working professional or international students looking to learn more about research, development and training in aquatic food production systems focused in arid environments and developing countries.
  • What: Current research includes rearing fish and shrimp in irrigation systems, fish and shrimp nutrition and pathology, re-use of effluents as fertilizers for field crops and improving soils with fish wastes, and sustainable systems including aquaponics and integrated multi-trophic aquaculture
    • Minimum of 16 units of graduate credit, up to 6 units of transfer credit
  • How: Submit a formal application through the Graduate College and reach out our advisor.

Required Coursework (11 units)

Electives (3-4 units)

  • VSC 556 Aquaculture (3)
  • ENVS 575 Freshwater and Marine Algae (4)
  • VSC 565 Shrimp Pathology (3)
  • ENVS 900 Research (Aquaculture) - Internship
  • ECOL 582 Ichthology (3)
  • ENVS 574 Aquatic Plants and the Environment (4)
  • ENVS 525 Environmental Microbiology
  • xxx (3) other approved elective

Graduate Certificate in Water Policy

  • Who: Graduate students or working professionals that want a deeper dive into the scientific, technical, social and political aspects of water issues from an interdisciplinary group of faculty.
    • 12 units of graduate credit
  • How: To learn more and apply, visit University of Arizona School of Geography and submit a formal application through the Graduate College.

Certified Professional Soil Scientist (SSSA)

  • Who: Undergraduate seniors or graduates looking for a career as a consultant, researcher or teacher in soil science
  • To learn more about the Soil Science Certification, visit the Soil Science of America (SSSA)

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