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B.S. in Sustainable Plant Systems

Your perfect world is lush and green, and we provide the fresh perspective you need to grow your future in sustainable agriculture. Our leading curriculum provides you with a solid foundation in basic and applied plant and soil science.

We partnered with the School of Plant Sciences and Biosystems Engineering to create the interdisciplinary major that focuses on advancing the science of modern agriculture and crop production.

Why Major in Sustainable Plant Systems?

You'll develop plant and crop production systems, guide land management programs, and advance the latest practices to achieve fresh, safe produce. 

What Can You Do With a Degree in Sustainable Plant Systems?

There are many career opportunities available to students who complete a bachelor of sustainable plant systems including:

  • Agronomist ($65,160): Manage soil and field crop production, conduct research, and develop new crop hybrids and varieties with the public and private sectors.
  • Horticulturist ($65,160): Work in greenhouses, advise growers on chemical-free methods of pest management or consult landscape designers about ecologically sustainable grounds and practices
  • Botanist ($65,160): Study plants and their environment to identify and classify new species.
  • Plant geneticist: Research and work to isolate genes to develop desirable plant traits. Jobs are available in public and private sectors.
  • Education and advocacy: Educate government officials, policy-makers and communities about the importance of plants and thoughtful stewardship of the world's natural resources.

Sustainable Plant System Degree Requirements

You will gain deep knowledge of modern agriculture and crop production before choosing an emphasis/sub-plan for further study. Please check in with an academic advisor to figure out your best plan of study.

Sustainable Plant Systems Curriculum Guide

Review the curriculum guide (updated June 2017) and see the classes for the bachelor's degree in Sustainable Plant Systems and each sub-plan/emphasis.


Studying agronomy in sustainable plant systems

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Student in the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center

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Urban Horticulture

Students studying horticulture practices

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Fresh Produce Safety (Yuma only)

Study fresh produce safety

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