Environmental Science Peer Mentors

Who are the Peer Mentors?

Our Peer Mentors are current Environmental Science majors (sophomores, juniors and seniors) who help first year students navigate classes, explore campus life and develop skills necessary to excel at environmental science. 

A few activities include:

  • Help prepare for studying Environmental Science!
  • Help preparing for college life!
  • Help getting connected to the ENVS community!
  • Share knowledge about campus resources!

This personalized experience helps build community and better integrate new students into our department at the University of Arizona.

Meet our current Mentors below!

Juan Anzures

Peer Mentor

Carina Del Bosque

Peer Mentor

Emily Fass

Student Assistant

Headshot of Emily Fass

Madison Gerdes

Head Peer Mentor

Jo Mikronis

Peer Mentor

Grace Peek

Peer Mentor

Christien Stevany

Peer Mentor

Past Peer Mentors

  • Kage Anderson
  • Hannah Everhart
  • Josie Phillips 
  • Abigail Becker
  • Rylie Gosiak
  • Rae Pickens 
  • Nick Buchanan
  • Alayna Hicks
  • Julia Randolph 
  • Davis Caldwell
  • Savannah Jimenez 
  • Linden Sentell
  • Mariah Cathey
  • Anna Jones 
  • Emma Teece
  • Isaiah Daum
  • Cat Maroney
  • Nyah Torres 
  • Jeena Davidson
  • Maddie Morris
  • Phillip Tran 
  • Petrita Davilia
  • Ruth Muir
  • Ana Soto Velázquez
  • Jonni Zeman