How to Schedule an Appointment

We recommend meeting with your academic advisor at least once each semester to discuss your next semester's classes, academic plan and progress, and career goals.

Schedule an Appointment


More information on how to schedule appointments, transfer from another college of university, and tips and tools for making the most out of advising appointments, visit the College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences Academic Advising Center.  To learn more about the Honor's College, contact Dr. Joan Curry, the Honor's Faculty Advisor for our department.

Professional Academic Advisors

Our advisors are here to assist students in meeting degree requirements, selecting courses, identifying engagement opportunities, and navigating general administrative processes related to undergraduate and graduate studies.

Kathleen Landeen

Main Campus Environmental Science Advisor

Senior Academic Advisor, II

Responsible for academic in-person advising for environmental science undergraduate and graduate students

Katrina Teer

Main Campus Environmental Science Advisor

Academic Advising Professional I


Santiago Tso

Online Environmental Science Advisor

Senior Academic Advisor, I

Responsible for online academic advising for undergraduate students

Faculty Mentors

These faculty are here to help with mentoring in specific focal areas and career preparation.

Joan Curry

Interim Department Head


Cardon Academy of Teaching Excellence Fellow

Joan Curry

UA profile


  • Environmental Chemistry (ENVS 340)
  • Fundamentals of Environmental Science and Sustainability (ENVS 210)

My Research Interests

  • soil physical chemistry
  • surface chemistry
  • molecular modeling


  • PhD in Chemistry from the University of California, Davis