Hazardous pollution is not distributed uniformly across the landscape, but rather frequently localized in “hot spots” of industrial activity such as mining, organic solvent usage, or leaking underground storage tanks. Even in the absence of contamination, landscapes (like ranchland or agricultural land) can be degraded by inappropriate management practices.

Our faculty are experts in:

  • characterization and monitoring of polluted environments 
  • reclamation and restoration of disturbed lands 
  • remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater

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Jon Chorover

Jon Chorover

Interim Associate Vice President (ALVSCE)

Interim Associate Dean for Research (CALES)


Arizona Lab for Emerging Contaminants (ALEC)

Dr. Katerina Dontsova

Katerina Dontsova

Associate Professor

Associate Research Professor, Biosphere 2

  • I focus on remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater in our work in reclamation, remediation and restoration.
  • Explore my other areas of research:

Headshot of Raina Maier, Environmental Science professor at university of arizona

Raina M. Maier


Director, UA Superfund Research Program

Monica Diane Ramirez-Andreotta

Mónica Ramírez-Andreotta

Associate Professor

Director, Project Harvest

Director, Gardenroots