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All employees of our department are also part of the Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension (ALVSCE) and can also visit compass.arizona.edu to find resources on career management, reports, hiring, IT support, HR information, branding guidelines and business services.

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Current faculty and staff, use your NetID to access important ENVS forms, including student forms, ENVS letterhead and primary department logos.

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Contact for Department: COMING SOON!

In the meantime, for any questions about access to the Box Account linked above, please reach out the ENVS Business Office.

Follow the steps and use the forms below when asking for funding and submitting grants.

  • Contact Rachael Crookston for the pre-award process, including building a budget, writing a narrative and submitting a proposal through Sponsored Projects.
  • Once the proposal is awarded, Kevin Teres will contact you email or phone to help you manage the award.

Budget Resources

ENVS GA Rates calculator FY-AY24

ENVS GA Rates calculator FY-AY24

ENVS GA rates for 2023-24 with calculator.

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Proposal Budget Template (includes cost share option)

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General Information

Contact for Department

Kevin Teres

Kevin Teres

Manager, Finance and Administration


Hiring New Personnel

To hire personnel and/or students, download the appropriate form and send to the contact for the department. Also, explore Compass for more general information.


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ENVS GA Rates AY24

ENVS GA Rates AY24
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Graduate Assistant new hire form (Updated Summer 2021).

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Visiting Faculty and Scholars

Visit the University of Arizona Global Office for resources.

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We've brought together marketing and communications professionals across our division to better support your needs and tell our story — from local and national media coverage for scientific advances to prospective and current student marketing, creative design to email communications and program marketing. With expertise spanning digital and content marketing, media relations, science communications, as well as graphic and web design, we work together to help your work reach broader audiences.


General Information and Quick Links

Contact for Department

Headshot of Jake Kerr

Jake Kerr

Marketing and Communications Strategist

College of Agriculture, Life, and Environmental Sciences

Our department has two PCards available for loan if you do not have a lab or individual card.

  • Prior to picking up the PCard you must:
    • Know the account to charge, item(s) you’re purchasing, business purpose and vendor
    • Sign out the PCard on the log sheet with in the Business Office (Shantz 429)
  • Travel (airline tickets and conference registration) and food (for business meetings/conferences) purchases can be made with the PCards

Within 24 hours: turn in the PCard, original receipt(s) and corresponding PCard forms to the Business Office (Shantz 429) or email to ENVS-Biz@email.arizona.edu

  • Fill out the PCard Purchase Authorization Form (be sure to download and save a new copy before filling out the information below):
    • Department/Individual Card Name
    • Your name, email, phone number
    • Purchase date
    • Vendor information
      • Account number
    • Business purpose as it relates to the project being charged
      • *Travel Authorization Number (required for travel related purchases)
      •  Attach a copy of the Travel Authorization
    • Dollar Amount including tax, shipping charges
  • Supporting Documents
  • Original, itemized receipt or invoice matching the transaction charge. Tape the top and bottom edge of receipts on a separate sheet of paper and paperclip the receipt page to the PCard form (do not staple PCard forms).

A memo may be required for additional information or explanation. A departmental PCard is a privilege and non-compliance of the above could lead to loss of PCard.

Drop off or Campus Mail your form and original receipts to:
Business Office, Shantz 429
PO Box 210038


Email the form and itemized receipts (only if electronic) to:

Mailing address:

1177 E. 4th Street
PO Box 210038
Tucson, AZ 85721-0038

General Information

Contact for Department

E-mail: envs-biz@email.arizona.edu

Information and resources for instructors to help get things off to a smooth start.

Payroll Training/Entering Time in UAccess 

Learn how to enter and approve in in UAccess: UA Financial Services Payroll Training

For supervisors:

In 2014, College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences (CALES) Business Services came out with Best Business Practice guidelines for time approving, which endorsed supervisors being time approvers. We have adopted this into policy for a number of reasons but most importantly because approval of hours can and should only be verified by someone directly overseeing the work performed.

General Information

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Voyager Form

Travel Authorization

After you travel - Travel reimbursement

  • For travel reimbursement, use the form below to organize and return to envs-biz@email.arizona.edu or the Business Office (Shantz 429).

ENVS Travel Expense Worksheet 2023

ENVS Travel Expense Worksheet 2023

Checklist to help you organize your requests for travel expense reimbursements.  Please use this form for all travel reimbursement requests.

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Tips for travel reimbursement (and expense reimbursements)

  • Electronically scan your receipts and send to envs-biz@email.arizona.edu. Please mail or drop off paper receipt originals to the ENVS business office within a week of the trip. If the receipt is only received electronically, no need to print.  You are done. We need paper receipts for audit purposes.
  • Receipts must be itemized and show proof of payment.
    • Receipts should show what was paid for and that you actually paid for it – confirmations or reservation messages are not proof of payment.
  • Travel expenses must be backed up by receipts – either electronic or paper. 
    • The travel policy uses the accountable method from the Internal Revenue Service as its guide to proof of payment. One of the requirements under this policy is an itemized receipt. If no receipt is available, we can be required to submit a letter signed by our department head requesting reimbursement.

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