ENViSion at EarthWeek 2019 - Explore the winning poster and oral abstracts

Poster and Oral Abstracts

Poster Presentations

1st place

Dawson Fairbanks (Graduate)

"Investigating seasonal responses of soil microbial nutrient cycling in high elevation forests in northern New Mexico"

Karen Serrano (Undergraduate)

"Biogeochemical factors affecting phosphorus availability during revegetation of mine waste rock slopes"

2nd place

Andrea Carter (Graduate)

"Root traits associated with drought tolerance in barley"

Jamee Lyon (Undergraduate)

"The antimicrobial molecular composition of sphagnum: how sphagnum-specific compounds compare to those of medicinal plants"

3rd place

Alma Anides Morales (Graduate)

"Sanitary sewer overflows in Naco, Arizona: quantitative microbial risk assessment at Naco Elementary"

Justin Clark and Anna Gresham (Undergraduate)

"Identification of sources of fecal contamination in irrigation waters for production of leafy green crops in Arizona"

Oral Presentations

1st place

Lydia Jennings (Graduate)

"Microbial bio-indicators of degraded soil development on reclaimed mine tailings in southern Arizona"

Diego Huerta (Undergraduate)

"Analyses of invasive plant phenology data from the National Ecological Observatory Network and National Phenology Network"

2nd place

Denise Moreno Ramírez (Graduate)

"Voices Unheard: preserving oral histories about contaminated sites in Arizona"

Lia Ossanna (Undergraduate)

"Nitrogen dynamics as an indicator of mine waste revegetation progress"

3rd place

Aidan Richard Foster (Graduate)

"Assessment of soil microbial health by near real-time AMP/ATP detection"