Student Spotlight: Picturing the Future for Environmental Education, Jordan Camp (BS '20)

Feb. 26, 2020

Environmental science major Jordan Camp wants to use his artistic skill to make a positive impact at the National Park Service.


Jordan Camp works at the National Park Service
Jordan Camp

No matter your dream job, it takes dedication and perseverance. Jordan Camp (BS Environmental Science ‘20) knows this with his camera in one hand and a soon-to-be diploma in the other. With a love of environmental education and photography, Camp sees his environmental science major as a stepping stone to his aspiring career at the National Park Service.

“I love looking at the bigger picture of the world. Environmental science gives me the opportunity to see how the world works while giving me the chance to make a positive change.”

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Camp enjoys photography to capture his outdoor adventures, and Arizona couldn’t be a more perfect location. Born in Illinois but growing up in Mesa, Arizona, Camp was drawn to the University of Arizona because of its highly-ranked academics and plentiful outdoor opportunities.


Sunset in Tucson, Arizona
Jordan Camp

Mixing Passions For a Dream Job at the National Park Service

Rooted in his deep appreciation for nature, Camp decided on the environmental science major with an emphasis on Soil, Air and Water. But it was his activities outside the classroom that helped him get the job he holds today. From internships at Biosphere2 and The Bio/Diversity Project, as well as volunteering at the Reid Park Zoo, Camp dedicated his personal and professional time to environmental education and outreach.


Camp working at Saguaro National Park
Jordan Camp Camp giving an impromptu demonstration of a gopher snake to visitors at Saguaro National Park.

“I never expected to be able to mix these passions together. It hasn’t always been easy to balance my job with a busy class schedule, but it’s been worth every second."

It was a year-long internship in the Next Generation Ranger Crops, created in collaboration with the Friends of Saguaro and Saguaro National Park, that propelled Camp into his current position as an Interpretive Ranger for National Park Service.

His job at the National Park Service couldn’t be more ideal. Responsible for social media and graphics, Camp uses his artistic eye and well-rounded environmental knowledge to spread awareness of the National Park Service while working at a visitor center.   

“I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. I’m excited to be at the brink of a new chapter for the National Park Service where social media and visuals raise awareness about our environment more than ever before.” 

Camp hopes to eventually become a certified professional soil scientist, receiving his Associate Professional of Soil Science certificate that will help him along his path to working in outreach and education. 


Rattlesnake in Tucson, Arizona
Jordan Camp