Over 35 ENVS students created lightning talks* on their research and projects for the virtual University of Arizona Earth Week 2021 (still in COVID-19).

*Lightning talks are short presentations (less than five minutes) that provide a concise overview about a topic. 

ENViSion Winning Lightning Talks

All participating students pre-recorded lightning talks about their research and/or project using a few key PowerPoint slides. ENVS faculty reviewed the presentations and awarded cash prizes for the top three presentations for graduate AND undergraduates.

Watch graduate student talks by clicking on the individual panels.

Watch ENVS Master's Student Kendra Bonsey talk about the gut microbiome and heavy metal contamination (arsenic) in mine areas.

Hear ENVS Master's Student William Borkan talk about his research focused on uranium fate and transport. 

ENVS doctoral student Matthew Bigler provides insight on his research about contaminant transport and pore-scale fluid flow. 

We are getting permission!

ENVS doctoral student Asma El Ouni discussed how uranium can be cleaned from groundwater using in situ biosequestration in an UMTRCA site.

ENVS Master's student Chance Muscarella discussed in his presentation how enzymes are useful indicators of nutrient mineralization.

Watch undergraduate student talks by clicking on the individual panels.

ENVS major Favianna Cubello discusses her research focused on composition B in overland flow and soil solution.

ENVS major Tyler Rodshagen talks about his experiment examining the effects of predicted future environmental conditions on Streptomyces griseus.

We are getting permission!

Art and Environmental Science

The ENViSion Planning Committee wanted to highlight the creative side of ENVS students. They have many talents. The committee proposed the question:

What do you find inspiring about the environment?

Participating students submitted art pieces ranging from photographs to poetry and from watercolor to bookmarks. Very diverse styles. Winning art was selected by a student and staff panel. The winners are, Maria Touceda Suarez (ENVS doctoral student) and Matthew Bigler (ENVS doctoral student). Their art was transformed into magnets and stickers provided to students participating in 2021 Earth Week. 

 Student Art and Statements 

See Flyer

In 2021, the ENViSion Planning Committee provided opportunities to give back to the environment or learn more about emerging issues.

Student-led clean-up activities at Arroyo Chico and a fountain grass pull at Saguaro National Park East engaged Earth Week participants.

Student roundtables on topics such as Environmental Racism 101, Indigenous Engagement in Climate Research, What Does it Mean to Be an Environmental Scientist?, and Graduate School Q & A where offered. 

Participants enjoyed these in-person and virtual activities.


Many thanks to our 2021 ENViSion Planning Committee for adapting and organizing this event!

Alma Anides-Morales, Matt Bigler, & Shelby Hoglund