ENVS Colloquium

The Environmental Science department invites experts from around the world to speak on a variety of topics related to environmental science every semester for our Colloquium Series!

All are welcome to attend, and details about past and future speakers can be found below

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January 22

Dr. Julia Green (University of Arizona)

January 29

Dr. Jay Famiglietti (Arizona State University)

On Monday, January 29, Jay will be presenting Groundwater Depletion as Viewed from Space and Implications for the Western United States in Marley 230 and via Zoom from 3-4pm. All are welcome! This talk is co-sponsored by the Center for Climate Adaptation Science and Solutions (CCASS) and the Water Resources Research Center (WRRC).
Password: 533716

Student lunch opportunity: CCASS is also hosting a student lunch with Jay on Tuesday, January 30 from 12 - 1:15 pm in ENR2. You can find more information and register for the lunch at this link

February 5

Rick Tafoya (US Department of Agriculture)

February 12

Dr. Sheldwin Yazzie (Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board)

February 19

Dr. Andrea Achilli (University of Arizona)

February 26

ENViSion Peer Review

March 11

Dr. Thomas Lavanchy (Oklahoma State University)

March 18

SEES Earthweek Keynote Speaker

March 25

Dr. Katerina Dontsova (University of Arizona)

April 1


April 8

Dr. Luisa Ikner (University of Arizona)

April 15

ENVS Undergraduate Presentations

April 22

Dr. Beth Marlowe (Quest Diagnostic Labs)

April 29

Dr. Jen McIntosh (University of Arizona)


  • September 11: "A Path Forward: How the Indigenous and conservation fields are working to protect the land, together and independent, and why it matters"
    • Daniel Cordalis, Colorado River Sustainability Campaign - Tribal Partnership Manager
  • October 2: Dr. Abe Springer, NAU School of Earth and Sustainability - Professor
  • October 9: Dr. Philip Stoker, UA College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture - Assistant Professor
  • October 16: Dr. Jorge Gonzalez-Estrella, OK State University - Professor
  • October 23: "Risk factors for Helicobacter pylori among underserved communities in southern Arizona" 
    • Dr. Marc Verhougstraete, UA College of Public Health - Associate Professor
  • October 30: Dr. Dave White, ASU Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation - Director 
  • November 6: Dr. Kerry Cooper, UA School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences - Professor
  • November 13: Dr. Tim Bayley, Montogomery and Associates - Principal Hydrogeologist and Dynamic Simulation Modeling Team Lead
  • November 20: Undergraduate Presentations
  • November 27: Alumni Panel
  • January 30: "Disentagling organisms' metabolic responses and acclimation to environmental gradients through ecometabolomics"
    • Dr. Malak Tfaily, Associate Professor, ENVS (UA) 
  • February 6: "Is Land Application of Biosolids a Significant Source of Human PFAS Exposure vis Groundwater Contamination?"
    • Dr. Ian Pepper and Dr. Mark Brusseau, Professors, ENVS (UA)
  • February 13: "10 Things I was Never Taught at UA that I Learned Doing Corporate Microbiology"
    • Dr. Benjamin Tanner, President and CEO, Microchem Laboratory (Round Rock, TX)  
  • February 20: "On a Journey to Build Healthy Soils: The Perspectives and Opportunities"
    • Dr. Debankur Sanyal, Assistant Professor, MAC/ENVS (UA) 
  • February 27: Presentation title TBA
    • Dr. Dan Ferguson, Assistant Professor, AIRES/ENVS (UA) 
  • March 13: "Inspired by Mrs. Frizzle: How a Curious Kid became a Water Quality Scientist!"
    •  Natalie Brassill, M.S., Assistant in Extension, Water Quality MAC/ENVS (UA) 
  • March 20: Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining (CESM, UA), Faculty and Graduate Student Presentations
  • March 27: "Environmental Impacts at a Binational Border: Rio Grande Waters, Agriculture and Antimicrobial Contamination"
    • Dr. Monica Mendez, Associate Professor, Texas A&M International University 
  • April 3: Presentation title TBA
    • Dr. Boyoung Song, Postdoctoral Research Associate, ENVS (UA) 
  • April 10: Presentation title TBA
    • Dr. Aminata Kilungo, Assistant Professor, College of Public Health (UA)
  • April 17: ENVS Undergraduate Student Presentations
  • April 24: ENVS Undergraduate Student Presentations
  • May 1: Presentation title TBA
    • Dr. Kerry Hamilton, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University 
  • August 22: "Making a Name for Themselves: Research into Aerosal Particles"
    • Dr. Armin Sorooshian, Chemical & Environmental Engineering - University of Arizona
  • August 29: "The Graduate Center: Your Hub for Professional Development Resources and Opportunities"
    • Dr. Meg Lota Brown, Graduate Center - University of Arizona
  • September 7: "Nanophase transfers in biofilms, watersheds, and volcanoes”
    • Dr. Marc Benedetti, Chemistry - Université Paris Diderot
  • September 12: ENVS Faculty & Staff
  • September 19: "Expedited Site Characterization and Remediation of PFAS near Davis Monthan AFB, Tucson"
    • Dr. Matthew Narter, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
  • September 26: ”Human-Landscape Interactions in Changing Urban Environments"
    • Dr. Adriana Zuniga, Geography & Development - University of Arizona
  • October 3: "Indigenous nature-based climate solutions on agricultural lands"
    • Dr. Melissa Arcand, University of Saskatchewan
  • October 10: Dr. Gabriele Schiro, Environmental Science Post-Doctoral Fellow - University of Arizona
  • October 17: "Common Career Threads: National and LGU Leadership in Research, Science Policy, and Graduate Education"
    • Dr. Jeanette Thurston, Food Science - Kansas State University
  • October 24: "From Managed Aquifer Recharge in Mexico to the Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Program, opportunities and challenges for cooperation."
    • Dr. Mary Belle Ayala, Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) Post-Doctoral Fellow - University of Arizona
  • October 31: "A Research and Experiential Learning Program at the Nexus of Geoscience Disciplines"
    • Dr. Candice Duncan, University of Maryland
  • November 7: Dr. Andrew Curley, Geography & Environment - University of Arizona
  • November 14: "Microbial risks in the built environment: estimating risk and exploring risk-risk tradeoffs"
    • Dr. Amanda Wilson, Public Health - University of Arizona
  • November 21: Undergraduate Presentations
  • November 28: Dr. Rivka Fidel, Environmental Science Associate Professor of Practice - University of Arizona
  • December 5: “Unraveling biological complexity through multi-omics”
    • Dr. Malak Tfaily, Environmental Science Associate Professor - University of Arizona


  • January 24: Microbial systems ecology to understand desiccation tolerance in soil microbes and microbial modulation of arsenic toxicity in mice (Carini Laboratory, University of Arizona) 
  • January 31: TBD (Dr. Bradley SchmitzLoudoun Water)
  • February 7: TBD (Tfaily Laboratory, University of Arizona)
  • February 14: TBD (Barberan Laboratory, University of Arizona)  
  • February 21: TBD (Babst-Kosteka Laboratory, University of Arizona
  • February 28: TBD (Ramirez-Andreotta Laboratory, University of Arizona)
  • March 7: Spring Break - no classes
  • March 14: TBD (Rassmussen Laboratory, University of Arizona)
  • March 21: ENViSion Presentations
  • March 28: TBD (Chief Laboratory, University of Arizona
  • April 4: TBD (Brusseau Laboratory, University of Arizona)
  • April 11: TBD  (Maier Laboratory, University of Arizona
  • April 18: ENVS Undergraduate Presentations
  • April 25: TBD (Chorover Laboratory, University of Arizona)
  • May 2: TBD


  • August 23: Welcome Back & Introductions (Marcel Schaap, PhD, & Kathleen Landeen, University of Arizona) 
  • August 30: All ENVS Graduate Meeting (Paul Carini, PhD, Marcel Schaap, PhD, & Kathleen Landeen, University of Arizona)
  • September 6: Labor Day - no classes
  • September 13: ENVS + NVIS present, Native Science: Natural Laws of Interdependence (Gregory Cajete (Tewa), PhD, University of New Mexico)  
  • September 20: Environmental Protection, Mitigation, Experiences, and Job Opportunities from U of A Alumnus (Barney Popkin, Tucson, Arizona
  • September 27: Introduction to Data Visualization (Devin Bayly & Jeff Oliver, PhD, University of Arizona)
  • October 4: Microbes, memory, and moisture: microbial response to climate change and its effect on ecosystem function (Sarah Evans, PhD, Michigan State University)
  • October 11: Effects of Environmental Stressors on Soil Microbial Communities (Priyanka Kushwaha, PhD, University of Arizona)
  • October 18: ENVS + NVIS present, Kanawayihetaytan Askiy Indigenous Land Management Program (Melissa Arcand, PhD, University of Saskatchewan)
  • October 25: Microbial syntrophy in the subsurface (Jennifer Biddle, PhD, University of Delaware
  • November 1: Sensitivity of soil microbial volatile organic compound metabolism to drought and rewet (Laura Meredith, PhD, University of Arizona)
  • November 8: Microbial ecology of wildfire and consequences for carbon cycling (Thea Whitman, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • November 15:  NVS + NVIS present, Amplifying Indigenous Voices in Invasive Species and Forest Adaptation Management (Danielle Ignace (Coeur d'Alene), PhD, Harvard University)
  • November 22: ENVS Undergraduate Presentations
  • November 29: Managing microbial communities at the interface of infrastructure, environment, and public health (Ameet Pinto, PhD, Georgia Tech)
  • December 6: CANCELLED ENVS + NVIS present, Indigenous Peoplehood Model for UArizona Cooperative Extension (Joshua Moore, University of Arizona)