Outstanding Undergraduate Seniors

One student from each major in CALES, nominated by their department, is awarded a plaque and honored at a luncheon every semester. These are University of Arizona students who go above and beyond in their volunteer work, research and internships to make a difference on campus and in the local community.

To celebrate the hard work, dedication and achievements of our graduating seniors, we compiled interviews with ENVS and SPS Outstanding Seniors.

College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences (CALES) Outstanding Seniors

Who are the CALES Outstanding Seniors?

After one student from each department is selected, one of these students is then selected as the winner of the CALES Outstanding Senior.

Past ENVS, SPS and CALES Outstanding Seniors

Fall 2020

  • Brenna Bourque, Environmental Sciences
  • Sean Sylvia, Sustainable Plant Systems

Spring 2020

  • Casey Gajewski, Sustainable Plant Systems
  • Hannah "Rae" Pickens, Environmental Science

Fall 2019

  • Nicholas (Nick) Buchanan, Environmental Science
  • Jalen Sanford, Sustainable Plant Systems

Spring 2019

  • Christian Galindo, Sustainable Plant Systems
  • Lia Ossanna, Environmental Science

Fall 2018

  • Melisa (Mely) Bohlman, Environmental Science
    • winner of CALES Outstanding Senior
  • Brian Blue, Sustainable Plant Systems

Spring 2018

  • Preston Kramer, Sustainable Plant Systems
    • winner of CALES Outstanding Senior
  • Courtney Pijanowski, Environmental Science

Fall 2017

  • Ivsa Flores, Environmental Science
  • Cyrus Smith, Sustainable Plant Systems

Spring 2017

  • Jason DeLeeuw, Sustainable Plant Systems
  • Trevor Ledbetter, Environmental Science
    • winner of CALES Outstanding Senior

Fall 2016

  • Kalli Harshman, Sustainable Plant Systems
  • Natalie Robbins, Environmental Science